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Soda Simple makes your life easy. A stylish kitchen appliance that turns water into sparkling water (or sparkling flavoured drinks) in only 40 seconds.

Customers enjoy superior quality, great value and healthier, more refreshing drinks. As you quickly and easily make commercial-strength sparkling drinks, you are also being environmentally friendly. It is a fast, fun, stylish and convenient way to always have sparkling drinks in your home.

Where to Buy in Hong Kong?
Do you enjoy refreshing sparkling water and sparkling flavoured drinks? Fizz in 40 seconds with Soda Simple.

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Take a look at Soda Simple

6 gorgeous colours to choose from, each with warranty. Convenient, no need to carry heavy bottles from the shops. Save space in your fridge and kitchen. Save money from your wallet. Always have refreshing sparkling drinks available at your fingertips.

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Who are SoSi customers?

Have a look at the benefits of Soda Simple and you'll identify good reasons for you to buy and enjoy one at home.

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Customer Service right here, in Asia.

Soda Simple cares about our customers. Quality design, repair warranty, Great value for money, Excellent customer support, Easy to follow video guide. We will pick up the phone and call you if you ask for help. Why? Because we are a locally based company and we care.

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Where to buy?

How to buy Soda Simple, at quality retailers or online.

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Amazing customer service. I had questions about how to get really strong bubbles and your staff emailed me AND telephoned to help me. I USE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY, the kids enjoy it too, my husband loves it (also enjoys that it reduces our grocery bills) and it's more tasty / refreshing than boring water. I am recommending it to all my friends and colleagues.–Soda Simple Customer - Singapore (Central)

My Sosi is a really great colour and good design, I am very happy. Your customer service is amazing, so professional and caring. I have told my parents and neighbours to buy one. IT FEELS GOOD to be saving money and saving the environment with something that tastes so good!–Soda Simple Customer - Singapore (East Coast /E.North)

Why did I buy this appliance? Because I look after my body and am careful that my family has the best and healthiest food and drinks possible. MY FRIEND RECOMMENDED Soda Simple to me, she has a newborn baby (#2) and she drinks sparkling water / makes healthy sparkling drinks to help her trim down. My refill was delivered on time, just as you promised, delivered no problems. Thank you for bringing this product to Singapore!–Soda Simple Customer - Singapore (Central / North)

I was swakoo to not buy this last month! I decided to buy and so happy. My mother thought the DVD video was very helpful. Only short video, but she find it useful and she fizz all day! I love the colour, so smart and high quality. After come home from work, I very much enjoy having a fresh and very fizzy sparkling drink. TRULY REFRESHING AFTER I COME HOME FROM WORK. Also, it really is easy to use and quality is good.–Soda Simple Customer - Singapore (Central / West